Friday, April 07, 2006

#4 or ...?

And here we go with another one ...

And another one ...

Finally, some work done on nuKKe's journal.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Keren says: a page by me in Caren's blog. A humble homage to two favourites - coffee and brown dye ink.


Keren says:
the dots in the facing page inspired me.


Keren says: Caren, they are for you to find.

Everything I see is a lie

Keren says: I was listening to Nomeansno as I was working on this page. As usual, I wasn't paying attention to Carent's blogging and my interpretation, again, is different than hers.

I spy with my little eye

Keren says: Caren decorated the facing page of "the world through our eyes" with the fancy background paper. I added the distressed stamped image, blindfolded with another scrap from Caren's stash and stamped "I spy..."

Sunday, January 29, 2006

facing page - same colour scheme

Keren says: huge tear-drops were cut from a patterned paper from Caren, the text is feom Caren as well. Lavender pastel pencil from the cool Faber Castel set I bought for half the price last month.

I did!

Keren says: not my usual colour combination, but I like how this page turned out. The scan doesn't do justice to the shiney Stewart Gill paint. Flowers from Caren.


Keren says: The recurring motif of reddish autumn leaves probably has to do with the fact that I live in a pretty much seasonless geographic area. Leaves cut from a luscious piece of paper found in one of the envelopes

fingerprint horns

A tree will grow here...

Keren says: I wasn't looking at Caren's comments while journalling, so apparently her page took another direction. The phrase "A tree will grow here if..." plus the left index finfer fiercly pointing at the right palm is a gesture/ conditional often used by my grandmother when she prohibited my dad and his brother to do all sorts of things.

back cover

Keren says: The dull back cover was entirely covered with ephemera found in the attached envelopes. Dictionary page, a piece of mulberry paper [sp?], wooden fan blade painted with orange dye ink and the back of a playing card, painted and scratched. The composition is a little off, I wonder how Caren decides to treat it.

long time no see

Caren's journal has been a tough challange. Not only is Caren an awfully talented artist whom I've always looked up to, but her delicate style is quite different than my own, as you may have already noticed. Moreover, Caren added to her journal two envelopes in which she put all kinds of ephemera for me to work with; this was a big challange, but I did manage to use almost everything she sent.
Here it goes, enjoy.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

To nuKKe ...

... although it might seems that there are only a few pages ... well, no:) There are more pages which I'd like to keep a mystery for the time being:) Have fun with them and all the ones I've uploaded now! Hope they inspire you! C ya in the mail!

Caren - 'The bird that comes at night'

'The bird that comes at night' ... not sure where this one is heading ... but I like the idea of dream-time with a different spin to it ... and yes, I'm newly intrigued with odd birds:) Have fun, nuKKe!

Caren - 'The world through our eyes'

'The world through our eyes' ... I wonder (perhaps I know already) how do you see your world around you?

Caren - 'Peacock Colours'

Go! Use peacock colours!!!